Finally there’s good news for small businesses on the advertising front – you don’t actually need to hire a retired pro athlete to say nice things about your goods or services. You will actually get a better bang for your buck using social media influencers.

That’s right, those people who make YouTube videos of themselves putting on makeup are great at selling makeup. People tend to trust regular people online over celebrities because regular people are more authentic. The folks who post Instagram pictures of their vacations and make them look like a dream are great at selling vacation services. And the really great news? Social media influencers are considerably less expensive to hire than even a C-list celebrity.

Spreading your advertising dollars among several social media influencers instead of one celebrity spokesperson can give you even greater reach. Influencers are more likely to get comments on posts than celebrities, and the great news is that they are also more likely to interact with their followers, giving them even more authenticity.

The Internet and the rise of social media allowed for the dawn of a new era – the era of self-made celebrities. This is a great thing for marketers and advertisers and it could not come at a better moment in history. Currently ad blockers are taking away significant revenue from online advertisers, and by 2020 ad blockers are expected to cost $12 billion in lost online ad revenues. Thankfully social media influencers are offering a new advertising option to capture the attention of the vast online audience.

There are laws governing how social media influencers present themselves online. They must make it clear to anyone looking that they are looking at a paid advertisement, and this usually comes in the form of a disclosure statement or hashtag. Learn more about the evolution of the social media influencer from this infographic!

Infographic source: NoGRE

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