Electronic commerce is so popular at the moment that people are starting to wonder what the purpose of actual stores is. Considering how much time internet users spend on social media, it comes as no surprise that ecommerce and social media have developed a new way for us to shop online.

Who doesn’t like finding a Walmart shopping discount and saving some money on a great product?

A social media user can tell you how many times he has bought something purely because it seemed enticing on Instagram stories. Brands that advertise on social media can influence us to the extent that we buy something we have no real need for.

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective way to boost sales, consider social media marketing.

Social media marketing involves posting related photos for the sake of promoting products and creating a buzz of conversation, as well as live stream videos, links and short status updates.

The fundamental importance of social commerce is the ability to provide social media users with a faster way to shop. Long checkout lines and faulty websites are not what shoppers are looking for. They need a provider that’ll deliver high-quality goods at low shipping prices.

Most social shoppers are aged 35-44 and these people know what they want.

If they seek professional services and advice, they frequent LinkedIn. They can find the best pet supplies and jewelry offers on Facebook, and the visual nature of Instagram is the best for selling makeup products and apparel.

Do your research and define your target audience. Aim for the social networks that are mostly frequented by an appropriate audience for your brand.

There are so many ways to utilize a social marketing strategy to grow your conversion rates and globalize your brand. You have to find the right way to please the tastes of existing and potential clients.

Check out the infographic below:

Social commerce