Wise business owners have come to appreciate the effectiveness and importance of inbound lead generation to their overall sales and marketing efforts. Inbound lead generation can generate 54% more leads who are 750% more like to convert compared to leads funneled through traditional channels.

Despite the seeming efficacy of inbound lead generation, many Small and Medium Business owners still don’t know how to conduct an effective campaign. Most do not know how to start one, while others don’t know how to measure the success of their lead generation efforts.

To simplify things, CJG Digital Marketing is pleased to offer SMB owners like you this comprehensive checklist, focusing on the following top things that you should consider – and gain the success that you’ve always wanted from all your lead generation efforts.

1. SMART Goals and Objectives – In its most basic sense, identifying SMART goals are based on a carefully executed methodology that aims to identify goals and objectives that Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Identifying SMART goals can put your lead generation on the right track.

2. Lead Magnets or Offers – Enticing your website visitors with a very irresistible offer – a lead magnet – can give that very important push that would generate those huge numbers of targeted leads from your campaigns. Effective lead magnets are usually targeted towards one specific audience segment or a buyer persona you have identified as most likely to convert.

3. Landing Page- It is through these specialized pages where you can extract or harvest vital customer information that can help move potential leads through the sales funnel. Landing pages are the destination of the links that are integrated in your ads, emails and other lead generation channels.

4. Traffic – The traffic you generate should not be just any ordinary traffic. These should be the right kind of website visitors – those who most likely would be converted into leads and who are open and have actually allowed you to make further contact or engagement moves in the near future.

Want more? Check the infographic below!

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.