Everyone you know dreams of a smart home where they can cook without wasting too much time and too much cost on the environment. You know you want it, too, and you know your dreams of having a home that have appliances finely tuned with a wifi-enabled remote control system should be achieved. We are all here to dream, but for achieving a home that is as smart as your smart phone, what you need is a guide on what can be done to make your home as modern as an Isaac Asimov’s idea of a future home.

This infographic must be your one of the best guides you can read today to understand how much and how many work and technology can you still possibly to do make your home the most ideal, superfuturistic meta piece of abode that all your friends can go envious for. Build yourself Wifi-powered ovens or a fridge that can be controlled via smartphone where its content’s expiration date is monitored by Bluetooth and Sensors with the help of this infographic now.