Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very cost-effective digital marketing channel that fits right within the budget of small and medium scale businesses who don’t own deep marketing pockets large corporations have.

If you want to implement a strategic search engine optimization campaign for your business. We presented here the 8 most important steps that can guide you through small business SEO success.

1. Keyword Research – There are many benefits to performing keyword research aside from identifying the terms and words that will help you build relationships with your targeted audiences. It puts your site in good standing with search engines by using keyword phrases that fits well and is relevant to your main content.

2. On-Page SEO – The best way to start an SEO campaign is to optimize your site based on other On-Page SEO elements aside from your main content.

3. Technical SEO – Technical page elements that affect SEO but are only detectable by looking at the source code.

4. Content Creation (Linkable Assets) – The success of your SEO campaign relies heavily on your content, particularly on how you can create content that website visitors love and would be more-than-willing to link into.

5. Content Marketing – Up to 63% of digital marketers in the B2B market use content marketing for promotion and lead generation. Small businesses can follow suit and use innovative but cost-effective content promotion strategies to deliver their message.

6. Social SEO Activities – Social Media Marketing is an important integral part of SEO that will deliver a steady stream of organic links and engagement from targeted audiences. The following tips and strategies from’s Christian Arno can guide you through these activities.

7. Link Building and Earning – With the algorithm changes posed by the Penguin and the Panda updates, Google has placed more importance to the natural build-up of organic links – those that result from link earning and not the traditional forms of link building.

8. Data Analytics – Lastly, an effective SEO campaign would not be complete without proper monitoring and analysis of performance data.

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Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.