Effective customer interaction management has to be designed to strengthen customer service’s performance in delivering the results customers want.

Interaction management isn’t just about the soft skills that call center agents and customer service reps use to please customers during customer contacts. Interaction management is crafting every touch point with a customer and ensuring that a strong, consistent experience takes place that contributes to the overall strategy of developing the customer relationship.

Do you have a strategy for integrating technology in the customer experience?

Gartner research showed that 48% of organizations plan on increasing their CRM budgets to improve customer satisfaction. Great, more money spent on tools, but is there a customer experience strategy clearly defined or are you just throwing money at technology hoping that results magically happen?

You need a strategy for integrating technology as part of your overall customer experience because:

95% of customers believe an app is more convenient for customer service

48% of customers say the phone is the most frustrating channel

The team at Numero, a provider of customer experience CRM solutions, recently published an infographic created by the team at Delinio, outlining the need to improve self-service customer service experience and the effect that Web interactions have on customers today.

Customer Service Self-Service on the Web Matters!

What’s your strategy for making this an effective part of your customer service vision?

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