Is the average consumer’s attention span becoming shorter with each passing day, or is it becoming more fragmented? According to Go-Globe, 70% of adults use a second screen while watching TV and smartphone is the most popular second screen (51%), followed by laptop (44%) and desktop (29%). As a matter of fact, Streaming Media Global describes second screen as the next big thing in the digital world and even the most conservative marketers are beginning to take note. We are now witnessing a definitive pendulum shift away from the way people used to watch television in the past.

The rise of second screen viewing - Statistics and Trends
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Marketers need to take note

It is not business as usual for marketers. They have to sit up and take note of the new trend. The issue of second-screen viewing can make or break your marketing strategy. Smart publishers and marketers understand the need to find ways to capitalize on this new trend and stay ahead of the competition. They understand the philosophy ‘where the eyeball is, therein lies the money.’ The trick is finding out how to be in the right place at the right time.

The Second Screen Opportunity

How can marketers and content creators make use of this opportunity? It is important for you to understand the dynamics of second-screen viewing. In other words, when marketing to shoppers that use different devices to connect to consume your information, think of the following four scenarios:

  • Those who use second-screen to graze content: this group of consumers will simply use the second screen as a way of looking for other forms of content, which don’t even have to be related to the one being displayed on the screen. For them, they have formed a distraction habit over time.
  • Those who use the second screen to check related content: this group might use the second screen to investigate, countercheck, compare or find relevant information.
  • Those who use the second screen to socialize: This group might want to use the second screen to share stories with friends and family on social media.
  • Quantum user: this category of second screen users will simultaneously use two or more screens to complete viewing content based on how they think a given device suits them at that particular time.

Therefore, if you are thinking of marketing to consumers using the second screen, it is important to have the big picture. How will you campaign be delivered? How can you ensure that the content will reach the right person at the right time? At each moment, it is critical to ensure the content is relevant and consistent at each touch point.