In the cosmos of business dynamics, fortunes are always liable to change. Even the biggest players experience horrifying plunges into dark holes of monetary losses. However, in the same tempestuous world, there are some players who incredibly maintain continued runs of success, much to the awe of everyone. It is therefore no surprise that the world of business is always a perpetual source of interesting stories regarding rising fortunes, faltering fates and the efforts to cling on to the former and brush away the latter.

Google has been a market leader in search engines for long. So, Microsoft locked horns with the reigning ruler, and in came Bing. To further jolt the foundations of Google, there was this social utility called Facebook slowly soaking away the water under the high sailing Orkut, a hugely successful social utility from Google. So, it is but natural that the world wanted to know about the fortunes of Google amid such hostile competitors. The state of Google’s robust health is obvious from the fact that the company spent $ 3 billion on infrastructure in the year 2010 and 2012. Larry Page, Google’s CEO just announced how Google performed in 2012. The Q4 results were up 36%, year on year. In a decade and half Google has already earned $50 billion of revenue and according to Larry Page, they are unfazed by the competition because he believes that Google’s Knowledge graph will eventually create the perfect search engine.

Want to see who fills the Google coffers? Take a look at this infographic by Wired: