Like the World Cup game between Germany and Brazil, e-Commerce moves quickly. To make it in soccer, as well as e-Commerce, teams need a dynamic strategy. When it comes to technology, 42% of e-Commerce players are investing in mobile optimization, 30% in omni-channel integration, and 28% in retargeting. The most valuable strategies for the win are sales/specials, email as a merchandising vehicle, seasonal promotions, and keyword onsite search.

Exemplary customer service, minimizing cart abandonment, and targeted email marketing campaigns are some of the key strategies to keep your fans (customers) coming back. Meeting your KPIs is like making a goal and 94% of winning teams use e-mail as a merchandising vehicle. 75% of retailers are investing in mobile customer experience so that their fans who can’t make it to the game, still don’t miss a thing. In the infographic below, Baynote shares a winning game plan as they compare e-Commerce success to winning the World Cup. See how to keep your fans (customers) happy and score the winning goal.