More than any other, the debate on global warming is surrounded by disinformation, deliberate obfuscation and outright lies. Switch on one TV channel and you’ll see a ‘climate expert’ assuring you the planet’s temperature isn’t rising. Switch on another and you’ll be confronted with the claim that ninety-seven percent of scientists agree global warming is both happening and manmade. Amid all this partisan shouting, it can be difficult to get an objective grasp on what’s happening to our planet. So the people at crunched the numbers and come up with an infographic to explain the numbers in the simplest possible terms.

The research presented below covers both the possible correlation between rising carbon levels and rising sea levels and the consequences such drastic rises would result in. At times it can make for uncomfortable reading – such as the statistics showing how 50% of the Earth’s population could be affected by rising sea levels. But the information is vital for anyone looking to form an opinion on our changing climate and whether our species is responsible. So forget the tribal politics and polemics, shoulder your rationalism and decide for yourself what the future holds in store for mankind:

Infographic used with permission from VoucherCloud