Understanding human nature is one of the trickiest things in the world. A human personality is complex, and even the slightest gestures, facial expressions, and preferences suggest something about the person. Whether it is the liking for a particular color, listening to a particular type of songs or wearing a particular type of shoes, everything about us tells something that has a deeper meaning. Here is what wearing your ring in different rings suggests about you –

Pinkie Finger – Pinkie finger is also the relationship finger and people who are loving, caring and have an open personality generally prefer to wear their ring on this finger. Such people find it easy to express their feelings but are often considered as selfish and idealistic.

Ring Finger – Ring finger is considered the creative finger and people wearing their ring on this finger are highly creative with a vivid imagination. Such individuals have an eye for the finer things in life and appreciate beauty and finer details in everything.

Middle Finger – Middle finger is the longest finger and it is associated with ego. Individuals who wear their ring on the middle finger can be a little egoistic. People who wear ring on the middle finger are independent and strong willed and are someone who do not like to be bosses around.

Index Finger – Mostly people with power and authority wear their ring on the index finger. So if you know someone who wears their ring on the middle finger love being in control and want things to go your way.

Thumb – The thumb is associated with will power and anyone wearing their ring on the thumb reveals that they are huge energy reserves having an extremely strong will. However, such people do suffer from occasional emotional outbursts.

Our likings and preferences have a direct link with who we are from inside. Human personality has various layers that when unearthed reveal a bigger picture. So the next time you see someone wearing their ring in a particular finger, you can have a fair idea about that person’s personality.