When one starts off with a strategy for content marketing, a big challenge that he or she faces is creation of great content on a regular basis.

Many marketers will advise you to keep blogging all the time, keep updating your linked Twitter and Facebook accounts to get some kind of traction, and also that you need an account on Youtube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc., etc. But all these things can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur, and often leads to de-motivation.  It is here that content repurposing comes in – promoting your content to more people is more important than creating more.


Content repurposing is simply the promotion of the same content on separate media platforms.

The various ways to repurpose content are as follows:

  • Turn your slideshow into an infographic- Turning a slideshow into an infographic will automatically spread out the whole information on a single page with images alongside, turning it into a visual treat and less demanding.
  • Hire a professional voice to read and record a podcast- Hiring a professional voice will help improve the quality of your podcasts and make it more audible.
  • Turn your post into a video- You can either turn your post into a video or attach videos to a post, because videos are a sure fire way to attract attention and people usually pay more attention to a catchy video than a well written article.
  • Turn your infographic into a videographic- The same applies here, if you can then post videographics as they are more attractive and productive than written word.
  • Turn your blog post into a webinar- Converting your posts into webinars (short for web – seminars) will help spread the content across more people and platforms and yield more results out of single posts.

There are more methods to repurpose content which are shown in this infographic made by blogmost.com which includes all the safe ways to content marketing and increase exposure.

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