Getting ahead in the current job market isn’t easy. Unemployment and underemployment are still pretty high thanks to the economic downturn that started over a decade ago, and recovery in the job market has been slow. There is higher demand for good jobs than there are good jobs to go around, so how can you make yourself stand out in the job market?

For starters, stop putting so much weight on your college and your GPA. Those things may get you in the door for a job interview, but that’s not the end of the line for your personal development. More jobs than ever require a college degree to be sure, but there are many other things outside of your college degree that employers are looking for.

Soft skills are the most highly desirable skills sought out by most job recruiters.There has been an 83% increase in jobs requiring strong interpersonal skills- things like oral and written communication, leadership, and being a team player. In other words, it is much more important to your potential employer that you are able to work well with others than it is that you have a particular set of technical skills.

So how do you find the company that is the right fit for you? Making a great resume that stands out against the sea of resumes that are submitted for a given job is the first step, but even that won’t guarantee you’ll get the job. When you do find yourself in a job interview situation, try interviewing the interviewer. This will serve to show that you are thinking and communicating critically about the job as well as give you the opportunity to determine whether the job will be a good fit for YOU. Employers take notice of job candidates who aren’t just settling for the first job that comes their way.

Learn more about making yourself stand out in the job market from this infographic!

Infographic Courtesy of NoGRE