In some circles, summertime can be moving time – it minimizes the effect on children and their education when the move is conducted outside the school year. But that leaves the question of where to move. recently evaluated the 10 cities that have added the most residents since 2010 to determine which is the best destination. It ranked the cities based on a number of factors, including the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment; transportation costs – the cost of a gallon of gasoline, the average commute and the availability of public transportation; living costs, including the cost of a draft beer and a gallon of milk; and the average home value and cost of home insurance.

Also factored into the final score was a city’s fun factor: its attractions, the number of pro sports teams and the percentage of its population under 30, among other factors.

Some cities you might expect are among the top 10, but you might be surprised at the most popular of the popular – the top place to move in the U.S.