Podcasts are growing rapidly, insanely even. Due to the minimal barriers of entry, it’s never been easier to create and produce a podcast and make it available for millions of people to listen to. As a result, we have a TON of podcasts out there.

As podcast listeners, this influx of podcasts is great because there are so many quality options to choose from. However, the flip of this is so many great podcasts become buried due to the shear number out there. It’s no individuals fault, but it is a growing issue. I wrote about this before and called it The Podcast Discoverability Problem. When most people look for a new podcast, they look at the charts to see what’s out there. The only problem, however, is that these charts are largely self-serving. The rich get richer. There’s no real operationalized or curated recommendation engine based on your interests. And due to new podcasts entering the market every day, this problem is expounding.

Luckily, the people at Edison Research recently published their annual report on the podcast industry and listeners. In the survey they found some remarkable results. I’ve taken a few of the key stats and put them in an infographic below, however, I encourage all of you to check out the entire findings for yourself.

Key stats:

  • 77% of podcast subscribers have been listening over a year
  • 41% of podcast listeners listen to 4 or more podcasts each week
  • 60% of the US population is aware of the term “podcast”; up over 20% in 10 years

A version of this article first appeared on Discover Pods.