Authentic and consistent – these often are the most cited qualities of the most successful brands in the world for decades. However, with the changing times, having these qualities are not enough anymore to stay on top of your customer’s minds. In this day and age where emotion and personal belief matters the most to people, it is more imperative than ever for brands to stand firmly behind an idea or purpose.

More and more companies are seeing this shift not only as an opportunity to grow their business but also as a chance to change how they do business in a way that transpires ethnicity, culture, and social status. Also known as Marketing 3.0, purpose-driven marketing is a concept that is fast gaining traction across the business spectrum; many business owners and thought-leaders believing that it could be the key differentiator for many companies in the years to come.

If you’re wondering what purpose-driven marketing is all about, what it has to do with millennials, and most importantly, why your business should care about this marketing concept, then read further. Here are the key takeaways of the infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines which details everything businesses should know about purpose-driven campaigns for millennial customers:

  • Purpose-driven marketing is a concept which aims to help the target audience of the business to fulfill their sense of purpose – a need which all people have in common.
  • Of all generations, the millennials have the highest level of optimism about their capability to bring change into the society. As such, they are more inclined to only do business with brands that share their own value and concerns.
  • One of the ways brands initiates purpose-driven campaigns is through social media, where social campaigns have the biggest potential to spread and go viral among millennial customers.

To learn more about this topic, check out the full infographic below.

Purpose-Driven Campaigns For Millennial Customers