As the leaves turn brown and the chill sets in the air a little, you know that the long awaited holiday season is just around the corner. Excited much? So are we!

With hardly a month now left for Halloween and other following holidays, it’s time to boost this holiday season with an incredible email marketing plan. Holidays are among the best time for an email marketer to build their list and increase subscribers.

Marketers’ top priority of 2015 was customer experience, according to an Adobe, 2016 report. This implies that marketers want subscribers to feel special. So to target your subscriber as a whole and making the experience worthwhile for a great ROI, the key is planning.

So start PLANNING!

  • The Holidays

Plan your important holidays so that you are able to target, segment, set a budget and give the best to your subscribers. Planning for the targeted season is the key point for preparing for any email marketing campaign.

  • The Budget

Always, always, always set a budget before going on a full-fledged planning mode. Working around the budget is a great way to not lose track of your plan and benefit from it.

  • Segment Audience

Have a thorough cross checked list of best time, date, day, geo-location, gender etc. of your targeted audience before shooting any holiday emails. Having the proper data will help you target your audience better and improve open and click rates along with the possibility of a high conversion.

  • Set Goals

Set your goal. Make sure your holiday content is ready at least a few weeks in advance, for each holiday. Plan your target and work towards it. Fine-tune your content, segment your email lists and allow for multiple touch points to achieve your goals.

The following Email Marketing Calendar and Planner gives a peek into the upcoming 2016 holiday season.