HEADER - Proven - More Product Reviews Generate More SalesWhile I wear many different hats at BuzzPlant, my marketing agency, almost everything I do is an attempt to solve one greater problem: How do we get this brand’s message to the audience that needs to hear it? The answer to that question takes on many different forms…

And it’s a big task – one that creative agencies, marketing groups, researchers, communication professionals, and public relations teams all strive to achieve.

Social Media & Product Reviews – Increasing Your Sales Numbers

So, when a research firm makes the effort to study 57 million reviews and 35 billion product pageviews, I consider analyzing their discoveries to be a good use of my time. If you’re in one of those industries mentioned above – and/or you’re trying to sell a product – then you might agree with me. Ready to dive in and learn about the connection between social media and product reviews?

#1 The Syndication Effect

Researchers found that when brands syndicated customer reviews across a network, the total review volume and product coverage increased for all participating businesses. Consumer electronics saw the most significant benefits from syndication (+324% review volume, +26% product coverage).

#2 Increasing Volume Reveals Zones of ROI

  • Between 1-8 reviews: businesses see an increase in conversion.
  • Between 8-100 reviews: businesses see significant gains in natural search traffic.
  • After 100 reviews: businesses get product insights, noticing trends in feedback and product suggestions that may help improve the next release of the product.

#3 – More Reviews Mean More Orders

One thing that researchers noticed across all industries is a positive correlation between review volume and the number of orders received (even at high-volume levels). See the graph in the infographic below for a better understanding of how product reviews generate sales.

#4 – Different Ratings Contain Different Insights

I’ve written before about how negative online reviews aren’t as bad as you think. Not only do they offer you opportunities to win over customers and display your company’s ethic, they also show you where your product has room for improvement, researchers learned. Also, don’t assume that 5-star reviews are always the “best” kind of reviews. The researchers report, “Reviews with flaws and suggestions are 2.5x more likely to receive helpfulness votes than without.”

#5 – Dynamic Content Boosts SEO

Customers are talking about your product…let their voices be heard! The product-specific/natural language used by your customers in their reviews helps keep your website and ecommerce storefront fresh in the eyes of Google. Obviously, Google likes fresh and unique content, so the more the merrier in this department.

#6 – Mobile Still Growing

Researchers found that product pageviews on mobile devices increased 8% in the last year alone. So, if you don’t have mobile capabilities built into your ecommerce and review systems, now’s the time.

Using Product Reviews To Generate Sales…The Infographic

See the full infographic below for more insights into the relationship between product reviews, sales, and social media. Have a question? Let’s talk in the comments section below.