What if I told you there was a threat to your company? You’d do everything you could to stop it, wouldn’t you? Now imagine I told you that YOU were the threat. Would you believe me?

Every day hackers gain access to personal information just by asking for it. It sounds crazy, but they have a lot of techniques they can use to do so. They can glean personal information about you from your social media sites and use it to sound convincing. They can use phone spoofing to make the number that shows up on your Caller ID appear legitimate. And sometimes they can just be persuasive or act like there is a sense of urgency about a matter to get you to give up your personal information.

This can affect your business in many different ways. Hackers can gain access to your website and cause various forms of chaos there. They can also gain access to your company’s protected confidential information and use it for blackmail purposes. Once they are in, there’s no limit to the damage they can do. But how do they get in to begin with?

Spear phishing is the act of seeking out high-level individuals within a company and targeting them with hacking efforts. Five out of six large companies were targeted by spear phishers in 2015, and that number continues to grow. Small companies are experiencing a 26% increase in spear phishing per year, and large companies are experiencing a 40% increase per year. As hackers refine their techniques the threats only keep coming.

Educating your staff about various forms of phishing is crucial to protecting your company’s secure data. Learn all about various phishing techniques and how to fight back from this infographic. Knowing there is a threat is half the battle!


Infographic courtesy of Consumer Protect