This infographic by Wise Property Care shows how to identify and treat condensation problems within a property.

Condensation is simply moisture caused by everyday living. Despite this, it can cause serious property problems such as black mould, dampness and damage to plaster, paper and clothing.

There are a number of condensation treatments available and some are more effective than others.

DIY solutions for condensation such as anti-mould spray/paint and dehumidifiers will certainly eliminate the symptoms, but any condensation problems these solutions treat are likely to return soon after these solutions are no longer used. More permanent condensation solutions, such as the instillation of air ventilation systems, will eradicate condensation problems permanantly but can cost quite a lot of money.

If you think that your property has a condensation problem, it is important that you identify it, and carefully consider the lifestyle choices that have contributed to it. Are there simple changes you can make or is a more tangible condensation solution required?

Infographic supplied by Wise Property Care. Find out more about condensation on their condensation pages.