In today’s modern times, you wouldn’t find a home without any electronic equipment. Every homeowner has a television, computer, air conditioner and many other electronic items that we use on daily basis. If you are relocating or putting your extra electronic equipment in a storage facility, you need to pack your electronic equipment properly. Follow these simple tips to help you pack your electronic equipment:

  • Remove unwanted dust: Clean your equipment properly so that there is no dust remaining in your equipment. Dust and grime clogs your air vents creating heat and humidity which can damage your electronic equipment.
  • Disconnect wires: Remove all wires from your electronic equipment and store all of them separately in a box.  Wrap wires into circular coils and label each one of them for your later convenience.
  • Cotton wrap: Before you put your electronic equipment in storage boxes, wrap them in a cotton towel or sheet. This will help absorb moisture keeping your electronic equipment dry even if the atmosphere is a little humid.  Do not use plastic wraps as they hamper air circulation, trapping moisture in the storage box.
  • Battery Acid: Remove battery to prevent leakage of battery acid spoiling your electronic equipment. This will ensure that your electronic equipment do not get damaged due to any liquid leakage from the equipment.
  • Glass screens: If you are wrapping your desktop monitor, wrap it in a bubble wrap before you put it into a storage box. This will prevent damage of your electronic equipment when you are moving and storing them in a different location.
  • Media Storage objects: Before storing any electronic equipment, make sure that there are no CDs, DVDs and any other such media stuff remains in your electronic equipment. Pack them and store them in separate bags. If the items are non-removable, pack them with cotton towel and then bubble-wrap them before you store them.

So, follow these tips to pack and store your electronic equipment properly so that you can retrieve them in a good working condition again.