Between the holidays, family, and a whole new year right around the corner, it’s easy to lose our professional focus. New Years is a great time for introspection and personal growth and 2018 will see those same values applied to our businesses as well. Personal New Years resolutions may not be so different from professional New Years resolutions.

Most of the predicted 2018 business trends revolve around the same idea: relationships first. Building trust, friendships, business relationships, and establishing a good reputation among consumers is the key takeaway.

Live streamed content gains momentum from providing a personal, real-time platform for companies to interact with their customers. From Facebook to LinkedIn, video content helps bridge the gap between consumer and the companies they support. Businesses who allocate their resources towards establishing human connections will dominate their industries.

Smart companies already know the value of in-person meetings. In our digital world it’s easy to push for social media to replace face to face interactions, but this method is proving unsustainable. In 2018, businesses should be putting people first; the in-person meeting will take back the front seat from social media.

As millennials begin taking on more management roles in companies, Generation Z will be there to fill the vacancies left behind. In 2018, businesses will have to work fast to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of workplace demographics, as well as working to understand a new generation of consumers.

How do your businesses 2018 predictions look? Check out this infographic, originally developed by Ian Altman for Forbes, for more on the business trends that will shape 2018 and how communication and interpersonal relationships will drive success.

Will you be spending the end of the year strategizing about how to build your business in 2018 or will you spend it lounging around taking a break? The choice is yours.

Image source: Online MBA Today.