Late last year Geekwire produced a forecast of the top IT jobs for 2013. Things like mobile app developer were high on the list, as anticipated. But midway through the year we’re seeing some unexpected hot career paths., the world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace with over 8 million members and $1.1 billion worth of gigs, just announced the fastest growing Internet jobs between April 1 and June 30, 2013. The company’s big data analysts assessed more than 300,000 jobs completed this past quarter.

Powerpoint no RIP in Sight

According to the report, the design industry is flourishing as SMEs embrace freelancers over local agencies. Trends show the demand for telemarketing and email marketing experts surges while the demand for SEO and link building resources declines. And here’s a serious shocker–1984’s PowerPoint is hardly dead.

These are some of the report’s highlights:

  • The 3D Printing industry heats up, with 3D rendering, modeling, and animation jobs all showing double-digit growth.
  • Android app jobs continue to surge ahead, growing 14.4%, leaving Apple iPhone and iPad jobs in the dust with their 10.2% and -2.5% growth.
  • Facebook marketing jobs dominate with a 16% increase, while Twitter stagnates at just under 2%.
  • Telemarketing and Email Marketing jobs are hotter than ever, while SEO and Link Building jobs sag.
  • Small business demand for AccountingReport Writing, and PowerPoint experts soars.

Interestingly, IT World reports the fastest growing tech job states for these types of jobs (Jan-June 2013) in:  

1. New Jersey – 5.2%
2. Massachusetts – 4%
3. Missouri – 3.8%
4. Texas – 3.3%
5. New York – 2.6%