In the mad rush to find the fountain of youth, over 13 million cosmetic surgeries were carried out in America last year, with the majority being performed on women in the 40-54 age group. This type of surgery is a billion dollar business as people become obsessed with trying to stay younger looking. Beginning with a little nip and tuck, patients see a good result and are encouraged to have more work done. They enter the surgery carrying a photo of a film star or TV personality and expect to leave looking like them. What people fail to realize is that it is virtually impossible for a surgeon to make one person look like another, and even though newspapers repeatedly carry horror stories the business keeps on growing.

As face lifts and fillers do not come with a lifetime guarantee, once started on the quest for youth and beauty it can quickly become a financial nightmare.  Cost is often the reason people turn to more dubious practitioners who do not have well-equipped operating theaters  or fully trained nursing staff to deal with the aftercare that is needed following any kind of surgery. It is difficult to understand why someone would agree to have a mixture of cement, super glue and tyre sealant injected into their body as a cut-price buttock implant, but when the media reinforces the idea that if you look like certain stars your life will change then there will always be someone desperate enough to try this.

Even if you do all your research and find a reputable surgeon, there is no guarantee the procedure will be risk free. The use of botox to help reduce lines and wrinkles is seen as a less intrusive form of cosmetic work, but it can cause unpleasant reactions in around 12% of patients. Always be certain you understand the consequences and why you are doing this.