Here we have an infographic from the UK vehicle leasing professionals The Tilsun Group all about which vehicle would be the best for the zombie apocalypse including a list of pros and cons for each vehicle.

The 1st type of vehicle is an MPV with scores 5/10 because they are roomy enough, easy to modify, heavy enough to roll over zombies and quite fuel efficient.

Next up we have the minivan which only gets a 2/10 because they are useless for off road, slow and could easily tip when going round corners.

3rd we have the sports car that has a 4/10 and good because they are generally really fast. The problem is that they can only drive on roads and there is very little space for supplies, plus they use too much fuel.

The 4th car featured in the infographic is the 4×4 vehicle which gets a very high score of 8/10. The reasons a 4×4 is great for an apocalypse are they are excellent for off road, very strong, have a good amount of engine power, lots of room and they are reliable.

5th is the supercar which gets a terrible score of only 1/10. The reasons a supercar would suck so much for an apocalypse are they are not reliable, loud and brash and could attract zombies, low ground clearance, useless for off road, built for speed and rubbish MPG.

Surprisingly the electric car gets a very decent score of 7/10 because they are fuel efficient, fast enough to get you out of a jam and almost silent.

The saloon or hatchback a pretty good score of 6/10 because they are quite quick, fuel efficient, spare parts can be found easily and they have good maneuverability.

Finally we have the coach which gets an average score of 5/10. Good because they are roomy, easy to modify and can carry additional vehicles, but bad because they are useless off road, slow and use a lot of fuel.

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Picking the right vehicle for the Zombie Apocalypse

Infographic by The Tilsun Group