Would you have thought that 54.9% of people in the USA celebrate Valentine’s Day? And most of these people are men who prefer to shop online?

It’s definitely worth targeting them with last-minute promotions.

And imagine this. Pet shops also benefit from this love madness. According to this infographic, pet owners spend $703 million on their pets for Valentine’s Day, much more than what they spend for other holidays.

Shocking? Yes!

Our friends at The Shelf have collected more surprising stats as well as practical tips that can help boost sales for your eCommerce store for Valentine’s Day.

If you are ready to dive in, then here they are:

How to profit for Valentine’s Day if you don’t have sexy products?

Jewelry, gift cards, flowers, and candy: these are the most typical products that shoppers look for as Valentine’s Day presents.

It may seem at first that you don’t have a chance to stand out – if you don’t offer these things. But the truth is that everything depends on how you package your offers.

Just follow these steps:
1. Find a way to make your product look sexy.
2. Find a way to get on the radar of present-hunting men.

Let’s see the first step.

#1. Find a way to make your product look sexy.

For example, let’s start thinking about clothes. If you sell clothes, then you can:

– List items with Valentine’s-Day-themed colors on your product pages.
– Provide items with printed female names on them.

And the very same steps can be taken with any kind of product. It’s enough to change the communication around it.

Why does it work? Well, usually women make 70‒80% of all purchases. They are the buying power that online stores usually focus on. The only difference is that for Valentine’s Day, men buy… for women.

See? Your target audience remains the same in the end.

#2. Find a way to get on the radar of present-hunting men.

Now comes the more interesting part. Bring your offers to the attention of those men who want to buy products for their loved ones. Ads, contests, and newsletters can be handy in the promotional process, but there are other ways to push your product:

Vloggers/Bloggers: Influencers on YouTube and on blogs, who usually produce content about great, unusual, best, etc. Valentine’s Day gift ideas can help you to get the attention of your prospects. Experts also think that the power of these online opinion leaders will increase even more in 2016.

Word-of-mouth: The golden egg in every Valentine’s Day campaign is to find a discount, a message, a special offer that can drive your audience crazy and inspire them to talk about it. For example, if you have a loyalty program, you can boost traffic to your special Valentine Day’s offers by asking customers to invite their friends. Then, after every new unique visit, give them points.

Customer recommendations: Staying with the loyalty program example, use a special Valentine’s Day campaign to ask customers to recommend others. When these new customers make a purchase in February, those who brought them in can double their loyalty points.

See? Driving more sales leading up to Valentine Day’s is not rocket science. Just package your message, target your ads to men, and use tools like loyalty programs to get more sales.

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