If marriages are made in heaven, then where is divorce made? Well, the answer is planet earth. I may be sounding rude but yes this is true. It has been proved by various studies and researches. According to one study, around 85 per cent of women and 50 per cent of men who suspected their partner were found correct. As per one research, 45 percent of women and 50 per cent of men got engaged in extra-marital sex at least once. Cheating partners are often secretive about what is stored on their cell phones and PCs. Around 23 per cent of partners have tried hiding stuffs on their mobiles and PCs.

However, one million dollar question “what the easiest mode of catching a cheating partner is”. It’s your partner’s mobile phone. Cheating partners often leave trails of their cheating evidence in their mobiles. It could be text messages, call logs, emails or chat history. Some partners even save fake names of their accomplices. Texting has been used by 90% of cheating partners to cheat. In fact, one in five men have a mail account hidden from their partners. Deleting call logs and text messages is the most common cheating evidence. According to one study, 77% of men have deleted text messages from their phones. Some partners even play smart when their phone rings. They will answer the ringing phone trying to fake it while at the same time disconnecting the call.

Apart from traditional measures, cheating partners resort to smart ways with the help of Smartphones to hide their infidelity. They download various applications which help in hiding contacts, text messages and call details. These apps require user to enter password to see messages and calls. The most common apps among these are Blacklist, HMT Invisibility and 420 Hide Text/Call Log.

If your cheating partners can play smart and cheat you, there are ways which will help you to catch them red-handed even smartly. Mobile Spying Software comes as a bane to those who find it difficult to collect evidence and prove their partners’ infidelity. The mobile spying software performs following functions to catch cheating partner:

  1. Tracking down phone location

  2. Monitoring SMSs

  3. Recording Apps usage

  4. Activating Microphone

  5. Tracking Browser History

  6. Storing all captured photos

Using this spy software, you will be able to successfully collect enough evidence against your cheating partner. Make sure that the logged data is stored in your account and that the software is uninstalled after its usage.