Every company wants to get most out of their workforce, and that’s the reason why companies spend for outsourced training for their supervisory employees and industry-specific workers. There’s a lot of good set of benefits people under an outsourced training can get from travelling abroad and getting vast insight from experts overseas, but the real question is whether the company is getting their target goals from the hard cash they’re shelling  out for the added personnel training. This is hard to measure, but is not impossible to do. All that is needed is an accounting of the added benefits one company can get from sending their personnel abroad for a rigorous training. Then from that account is a report of how much added benefits there are for the said training.

This infographic is some form of a challenge for all the companies out there and a suggestion that maybe an online training from reputable institutions is better for the people needed to get better and higher advantage in the industry. You can learn from this infographic the real deal of how much budget is given by companies for outsourced training and how much is for online training, and what works best really results-wise.