Have you ever thought about outsourcing blog tasks?

It was something I considered for such a long time, but struggled to make that final decision and just do it.

The day I finally did was a game changer.

By outsourcing a long list of repetitive, tedious and time consuming tasks I was doing myself every week, I gained something like 50% of my time back.

What would 50% of your time be worth?

One of the challenges with outsourcing tasks related to blogging is knowing exactly what to outsource, and how to go about doing it.

The below infographic helps break down that barrier by offering 27 suggested tasks you can outsource right now, despite your business size or budget.

Here is a quick summary of the key points from the infographic;

  • Outsource components of your strategy without giving up total control. Things like coming up with blog post ideas, chasing up internal contributors and tracking analytics can be easily outsourced.
  • Research is perhaps the most time consuming part of running a successful blog, and it requires the least expertise. That’s why you should be outsourcing it.
  • When it comes to content creation, your value is added in the last 20% of the effort. Hire people to fill the other 80% by uploading content, finding images, transcribing audio and other low-risk, high-time tasks.
  • Social media management, active outreach and email broadcasts play a big role in promoting your content. Most of the leg work associated with each of these can be outsourced to someone with less experience than you.
  • Optimising your content for search engines is quite a technical and time consuming thing to do. Too often people leave this to the side and forget about it. Hiring SEO experts will be worth the investment when your search engine traffic starts growing.

Here is the infographic; enjoy, share and embed it on your site!


This infographic was originally published on Blogger Sidekick.