It is obviously not soon to say that Corona Virus and COVID-19 has become one of the defining events of this year. It is not over yet. WHO claims that another wave of this pandemic will strike many countries soon there seems no end to this pandemic and its implications seem to last for decades to come.

The situation is changing – not in a positive way though. Restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and gyms in almost every major city around the world are shutting down and office workers are being forced to work remotely from their homes. People have started looking at how our world is interconnected and how such a temporary separation has become a problem.

One of the most obvious responses as to how people are approaching the lockdowns and isolations can be seen in the changes in their shopping behaviors. People have shifted into shopping online rather than stepping out of their homes. According to the survey, 9 out of 10 people have told are more frequently purchasing products, both essentials, and non-essentials, online which they earlier bought it from a retail store. To stay in the competition and be profitable, Brands and companies must adapt and become flexible to meet changing trends of shopping.

This article is intended to spread awareness so that you can make necessary changes and take important decisions for your business during this uncertain period.

What businesses have to do to adopt?

Economies are falling and consumers are shrinking. Even after the pandemic, the trend might continue for decades. Hence, it is an ideal choice to invest in building your business for online shopping. It may look like a huge investment now but in a few months down the line, your profits will say otherwise.

The following changes will help you stay profitable:

If you are already selling online:

Step 1: Start updating your google business page with every bit of the latest information, offers, and products of your business.

Step 2: Edit and Optimize your website to a more user-friendly and convenient shopping experience. This will increase the traffic and the rankings of your website attracting more and more potential customers.

Step 3: Be Versatile and multichannel: There are already many e-commerce giants out there like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, google shopping, etc. You would not dare compete with them if you do not have the investment. Instead, utilize their websites to source your business. Multichannel your business will improve your reach extensively.

If you are not selling yet:

Step 1: Start selling online and build up the online footprint. Whatever the business be, there are millions of customers out there looking for your service on the internet and your presence there is enough to attract them. Being online will improvise your existing customer’s experience and also create a platform to attract many. Instagram, for example, is one of the leading platforms that can help you to increase your online sales.

Step 2: Utilize the already set up e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Facebook shopping, etc. to spread and popularize. Earn your market share.

Step 3: Offer your customers some great discounts and coupons to attract them.

You, me, everyone around the world is living in a giant flux right now.

Your customers are adapting to the changing world during the strange and uncertain times of COVID’19 Pandemic. With not a lot of footholds, they are trying to improvise their behavior to adopt as a result. And as a business owner, even you are facing a similar uncertainty while trying to help and support your customers by fulfilling their needs and also your own.

Just like the customers, your response to this changing and evolving world will change. Depending on the type of industry you are serving and your customers, the alterations and evolutions will vary. You will know you, customers, better than anyone else and you will plan out the best strategy that will work for your business. I hope this article has helped you evaluate the situation better so that you can continue serving your customers in the best way possible.


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