While total fundraising has remained at two percent of U.S. GDP ($14.99 trillion) for the past 40 years, online fundraising is growing quite rapidly. According to models, online fundraising is projected to grow by 176.4 percent over the next 10 years—while overall fundraising will have grown by only 18.5 percent. In spite of the massive growth in online giving, digital fundraising still only represents about seven percent of overall giving. There really is a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits to focus their efforts on digital and take advantage of this fast growth fundraising channel. Don’t be left behind!

The median monthly unique website visitors leaving an email address in 2012 was 2.04 percent—and the amount raised per usable email address was $13. The median open rate of fundraising emails for all nonprofit verticals in 2012 was 14.72 percent, and the organizations in the study had a click through rate of 0.7 percent and a response rate of 0.5 percent.

There are some questions you really need to consider moving forward. Will you be a part of the growth in online fundraising? What are you planning for your digital success? Are you tracking, measuring, and improving on the right metrics? Among these metrics include website traffic and email response rates.

To learn more about all this, check out the full infographic based on the Blackbaud Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits.

Giving Goes Digital – An infographic by the team at blackbaud