For many business people, face to face interaction trumps all other form of communication. Networking is the first step to and the adhesive that holds business partnerships together. Today with about 10 percent of our conversations taking place online, we live in a surprisingly anti-social world.

For the purpose of innovation and expansion, business collaboration tools have gotten more and more complex in order to reach the people that need to be reached. Where face to face conversation may not be a possibility, video chat and shared screen come in handy. Where multiple people need to get together to discuss a project there is the conference call. However, even with all of these great tools, in-person conversation remains king. Typically face to face meetings tend to be more positive and are perceived as being more credible than online conversations.

More than just words should be heard in conversation. In fact, just seven percent of a conversation has to do with the choice of words, the bulk of how we understand one another is from inflection and facial expressions. The tone of voice and type of smile conveys much more meaning than just words, and face to face conversation virtually guarantees that nothing gets misunderstood.

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