3D printing, drones and driverless vehicles.

These are just a few things that may completely revolutionize how customers will receive your products in the not so distant future.

And you know what?

It may sound like a phantasmagoria that can only happen in a sci-fi movie, but actually, current trends in ecommerce also point to it. (Not to mention Google, who plans to launch their drone project in 2017.)

For deeper insights on the latest trends in logistics, here is an infographic from our friends at 2Flow.

You will definitely benefit from interesting new findings in it!


The customer-centric philosophy will rule your ecommerce store’s future (and this is no surprise)

Your returning customers are the main driving forces in your ecommerce store’s success. Without their loyalty you can’t keep up with the competition in the long run.

That’s why the following fields will be even more important in the near future:

– Influencer marketing and advocacy: 92% of customers trust the recommendations of others, so it’s worth your while to encourage word-of-mouth for your brand. Learn how to do this effectively in our recent blog post on advocacy.

– Mobile optimization: Customers spend more than 80% of their time on mobile, so they expect all of your store’s functionalities to work there, too. This is especially important when your targeted audience uses mobile for shopping in the first place. Wal-Mart neglected this trend to it’s ultimate failure in South Korea (read more on this here).

– Optimized checkout experience: Nearly 68% of customers abandon their shopping cart during checkout. This is a warning sign that ecommerce stores are still not get it right. So how can you maximize your checkout process? Find the answers here.

– Friendly customer support: 73% of customers report that they would stay loyal to a webstore that offers friendly customer support. Find some tips from this post on how to provide the right kind of service with the help of a live chat tool.

– Lovable shopping experiences: Retaining customers costs 7x less than acquiring new ones. And what keeps them coming back to you? Their constant positive experience through the customer journey. Here is a video, with some tips on how to maximize lovability in your webstore.

What’s your current strategy for earning customer love? How do you cope with customer retention?