Let’s face it. In business, we’ve all had our fair share of difficult clients (you know who you are) that make work a little more… “Interesting”. While most customers are a pleasure to work with – some tend to get in the way of delivering a great final product or service.

Getting rewarded for a job well done is a great feeling. But on occasion, you’ll come across a client who, for one reason or another, just cannot be pleased. One moment you’re on a roll, knocking down deadline after deadline – life couldn’t be sweeter. Then, the next thing you know, there’s a disturbance in The Force. You’re getting swamped with angry phone calls, getting micro-managed in your own office, or having to chase after payments!

The culprits come in all shapes and sizes:

– The “Know-It-All Hero” who has centuries worth of experience doing the very job that they’ve employed you to do. They’ll drive you bananas telling you exactly how everything should be done.

– The “Ninja Snooper” who, it turns out, isn’t a client at all but an envious competitor. One minute they’re there, driving up a huge quote, then *poof* they’re gone in a puff of smoke.

– The “Penny Pincher” who wants discounts on top of discounts. They want the premium package for less than the cost of the basic.

– The “Langry” (Loud and Angry) who are perpetually angry and obnoxious. They just can’t be satisfied with mortal means.

There are variations, of course, but these four categories pretty much cover the spectrum of problem clients. The worst part is, you just never know when they’re going to appear. Such is life.

In truth, it’s human nature to remember and dwell on bad experiences. Perplexing as it sounds, they can be a source of inspiration – as in never take on a client like that again! But they can also provide incredibly hilarious stories to share with colleagues, and be the basis of funny tributes like the infographic featured below.

Not Everyone Makes a Great Customer

Infographic by The Website Group