We recently announced the results of our latest small business social media survey – complete with a snazzy infographic – about how much time and money our small business customers spend on social media.

Then we thought, what about non-profits? At VerticalResponse, we have thousands of happy 501(c)3 customers (we offer a pretty sweet discount for non-profits, including 10,000 free email credits each month, 50% off social media marketing and more). Non-profits depend on donations for funding, so they need to be super efficient with their time and budgets.

So how much do non-profits invest in social media, and is it growing?

We surveyed more than 100 of our non-profit customers to find out. Turns out that much of what they’re doing is pretty consistent with the small businesses we surveyed, with a few interesting exceptions:

  • More non-profits are on Facebook (96 percent), compared to small businesses (90 percent).
  • Non-profits are more active on Facebook: 76 percent post multiple times per week, compared to 66 percent of small businesses.
  • While both non-profits and small businesses say finding and posting content takes the most time, non-profits report that responding to questions on social media also takes up a substantial amount of time.

Here are more statistics in a visual infographic:

Are you a non-profit? Do you agree with the data? Let us know in the comments!