Is your business doing enough to prevent data breaches? Chances are the answer is no. Many small businesses don’t see the need to prevent data breaches because they think it can’t happen to them. The reality is that everyone is a hacker’s target, and preventing data breaches may be the only way to save your business.

Half of all small businesses that experience data breaches go out of business within six months. And it’s no wonder – the average cost of cleaning up a small business data breach ranges from $36-50k. Does your company have that kind of cash laying around that it’s not using? What’s more, many businesses don’t even change their security protocols when they experience a data breach, leaving them open to experience subsequent and possibly more serious future breaches.

Attacks come from both the inside and the outside. Insider threats are things like espionage – people posing as a trusted insider who are actually there to steal company data. Outsider threats come from phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other hacking attempts. This tends to be much more common in small businesses, and ransomware has become so pervasive that thieves are asking for three times as much ransome as they were just a few years ago.

Maintaining good password hygiene is key to preventing many common threats. Having a BYOD policy is another important step toward protecting your business. But one of the best things you can do is to migrate your network to a managed cloud service that includes security monitoring as a service. Increased security is the single greatest benefit to using a managed cloud network as a service provider. Data security is not just for companies that can afford a department full of IT professionals. Learn more about preventing costly data breaches in your small business from this infographic!

Image Source: CBTS