Email marketing is considered by marketers as one of the most effective tactics for driving sales. According to Invesp, emails are 40 times more likely to get new customers as compared to Facebook or twitter.

With the number of email accounts projected to grow from 4.1 billion to 5.2 billion by end of 2015, it is obvious that email marketing is a gold mine for marketers. In fact, 73% of internet marketers say email marketing is one of their main marketing tools while 74% of marketers believe that email marketing produces or will produce a positive return on investment (ROI). Moreover, 59% of them planning to reinvigorate their email marketing campaigns in 2015 by increasing email marketing budgets.

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Another notable piece of stat from the Invesp infographic is that 81% of surveyed digital shoppers say they can somewhat easily be convinced to purchase additional product either at a store or online as a result of targeted promotional email. Perhaps this explains why the percentage of promotional emails received per month (59%)is more than transaction emails (41%).

The stats indicate that the future of email marketing is bright. Currently, 69.7% of internet users in the United States confess that email is their primary form of communication with other businesses. Another thing that might interest marketers is that the use of mobile devices to read emails is increasing by day. 72% of US internet users send and receive personal emails in the inbox through smartphone at least once weekly. 33% of marketers say their subscribers use mobile devices to read their messages at least 50% of the time.

Thus, email and mobile efforts must be linked together if you want results with your email marketing efforts. With mobile clicks now accounting for more than 40% of total email clicks, the average revenue from mobile click is $0.40 compared to the desktop’s $0.90.

Emails created with mobile devices in mind receive 40% more response than those that do not render properly on mobile devices. Thus, majority of marketers are now taking seriously the issue of responsive mobile design.

Having said that, we must acknowledge that email marketing is here to stay. However, marketers still have a lot to do to make email marketing even more effective.