It’s not hard to see that people love games- just check out your Facebook feed and see how many Candy Crush invitations you’ve received. But games aren’t just for fun, they can also help boost your bottom line. Gartner predicted that 70% of Forbes Global 200 organizations will have at least one gamified application by the end of this year.


Want to increase productivity and morale within your company? Engage your employees in some friendly competition. Gallup found that only 13% of employees around the world are engaged at work, but engaged employees can increase revenue by 23% and productivity by 43%, so what are you waiting for? Gamification can increase employee engagement by 60%.


Be sure to get your customers in the game too. Reports show that only 31% of consumers are using online communities to engage with brands, but customer engagement, loyalty and retention are crucial to successful business. Add gamification to your site and you can increase commenting by 13%, social sharing by 22%, onsite time by 140% and social sales by 2,000%. Check out some of the best practices for customer and employee gamification from Concur in the infographic below.

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