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Nailing The Web Design Process In 1 Easy Lesson (Infographic)

Creating a website involves a seemingly myriad number of steps that have to be completed before the big launch. If those steps aren’t dealt within a logical process, there are real dangers of project delays, customer dissatisfaction and frantic team meetings that can take place behind the scenes.

If you’re a designer, we know that you know everything that needs to be done from website conception to birth, but do your graphic designers, your support staff and most importantly your clients know this as well?

Luckily, the folks at New Design Group created an illustration showing the process in all its glory, and it’s perhaps one of the handiest tools that you will use when creating your new website or performing a redesign.

Not only will it help you and your team visualize what stage you’re at, but you can use it to educate your clients. Of course we’re not suggesting you perplex them with high tech explanations of cross device compatibility, wireframes and back-of-house functionalities, but you can help provide insight into your world and why web design and development can never be an overnight occurrence.
Whether you use this as a visual guide or go one stage further and use it to develop your own checklist for your web development projects, we’ll leave it in your capable hands. Following the logical process in this infographic will enable your company to work far more efficiently so that:

  • Fewer mistakes will be made as you ensure each and every step is completed in sequence, leading to fewer deadlines being missed
  • Your clients will appreciate the critical stages of the process which are effectively the point of no (easy) return
  • Your clients will understand how far you have progressed and what else needs to be done before their new baby becomes a reality (and so won’t keep bugging you about when the website will go live!)

The bottom line?

Following a clear web design process can help save you time and money, it can help you maintain a happy workforce. If you’re looking for more instructions on how to use the infographic, read the Behind the scenes of the web design process article which covers all steps in great detail.

Periodic Table of Web Design Process – New Design Group