The marketers in your office will have been working overtime recently, well at least they should have been, as the marketing calendar has well and truly begun its countdown to those all important festive purchases.

Black Friday is approaching fast, with Cyber Monday right behind it and with the Christmas turkeys getting fatter by the day – we are now definitely getting to the most imperative part of the calendar year for retailers.

Customer purchases and offers are obviously placed all year round but these next 2 months can be crucial and critical in a retailer’s year, so getting it right, and getting your marketing message heard can be the difference between success and failure.

However getting your message heard in this period can be tricky, obviously you and your shop are not the only bright sparks that are running an offer and not the only ones who are going to be sending an email with some images saying ‘Sale now on’ and a link to their website.

All of our mail inboxes and probably junk inboxes are going to be full with these types of emails over the next couple of weeks, as well as every social media feed.

So how can we guarantee our marketing message gets heard?

A multi-channel marketing approach is probably best advised and in that, one of those channels needs to be the mobile. Through mobile marketing you can reach your customers with the exact device they are probably going to be shopping on.

50.3% of online ecommerce traffic now comes through a mobile device and that figure is only growing

While emails are easily ignored, you can turn the other cheek at billboards, and social media posts are easily lost in the sheer number of posts – text messages can’t be ignored, no one can resist opening a text message, so it’s the perfect medium to contact your customers on.

Below here we have some important key dates for you to contact your customers on, of course every customer is different as well as every business – however, the following dates probably fall under the must send for any retailer, because you can be sure that your competition will be sending on these dates.

Source: Text Marketer