The graduating college class of 2015 will go down in history as the most indebted graduating class everat least until next year anyway. The average student-loan debt of 2015 graduates was up just over two grand more than the amount 2014 grads had to pay back, but student-loan debt has been steadily climbing for as long as most of us can remember. When adjusted for inflation, the $35K 2015 graduates owe is more than twice the amount borrowers had to pay back 20 years ago. Hooray! Debt is always a wonderful graduation present.

This rising debt that has now overtaken inflation rates has many people asking whether a bachelor’s degree is still ultimately worth it in the long run. Right now experts are still definitively giving the affirmative nod (for the most part), but the fact that a the bachelor’s worth is in question at all is most certainly encouraging parents to covertly steer their kids into career fields that are flourishing.

As the technology continues to innovate and expand, college grads can look to the tech industry for burgeoning careers in a multitude of fields. The Bureau of Labor statistics predicts that ongoing tech job growth will bolster the upward trend of job openings, producing an 11% increase in employment that will bring jobs to 15.6 million people by the end of 2022. This projected demand is helping to broaden the public’s perception of where coveted tech jobs abound. See ya Silicon Valley. The tech sphere is expanding!

Check out this infographic to learn about the top 20 cities and their accompanying salaries for the top 50 careers in the digital creative, marketing, and technology world.

Infographic courtesy of Onward Search