Recently, SDL’s Campaign Management & Analytics division surveyed 4,000 consumers in the United States, UK and Australia on their personal travel behavior. The results, outlined in the below infographic, show an interesting portrayal of the global vacationer:

  • Vacation is truly the last vestige of relaxation
  • Online reigns supreme when it comes to booking
  • The online experience isn’t matching up with people’s in-person experience
  • Vacationers aren’t as active on mobile as they are during their non-vacation lives
  • Price beats loyalty for many customers

With travel and tourism being identified as one of the fastest growing sectors and contributing to the economy of a growing number of countries, it is imperative that brands build and scale their customer experience management practices to meet the needs of customers around the world. Taking into consideration the differences in usage & preferences across these three primary channels (online, in person, email), it’s clear that leading travel providers need to deliver consistent and contextually relevant omni- or multichannel experiences to win over today’s demanding customers.

It’s a never ending race. Marketers need to consistently best leverage customer data, such as travel preferences and behaviors, to provide relevant and personalized customer experiences that will increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Companies providing these solutions can be their own critic from past campaigns, when developing new and creative approaches to elevate the experience of traveling. When families and individuals conclude from their travels, they want to remember how simple and easy the process was from start to finish for the next time they travel.