How we communicate has changed radically in recent years and, with 62% of consumers now owning a smartphone, it’s time we stopped acknowledging the power of mobile and about time we did something about it by upgrading our internal communications for our employees. That’s why Our Social Times created this stat filled infographic in partnership with Broadvision, which looks at why organisations should be embracing the mobile social revolution.

“Business communication is more complex than consumer communication, so adopting the latest shiny consumer tool is simply not good enough” says Richard Hughes, Social Strategy Director, Broadvision.

Forrester Research predicts that by 2015, 50% of all devices on corporate networks will be mobile, but despite continuous arguments in favour of mobile, only 21% of employees in large organisations are equipped to work away from their desks. Of the employees who do use mobile for work purposes, 41% say the mobile devices they use are old and not fast enough.

The bright side is that employees are clearly willing to embrace the mobile revolution with over half of Generation Y employees agreeing that increased mobile working would improve their productivity and let’s not forget Generation Y will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020. Adopting mobile for internal communications might be new and intimidating for employers but it by no means needs to be complex. If ever you could prepare your business for a digital trend, this would be it.

You can hear Luke Brynley-Jones (Our Social Times) and Richard Hughes (Broadvision) discuss this topic in-depth during the final 1-hour webinar of our Future of Business Communications series on November 27th. They’ll be joined by Dave Shepherd from Barclays Bank, who will explain how his team developed a mobile app that’s now used by 10,000 branch staff. You can find all the details and register for this webinar here.