With each passing day, mobile advertising makes more sense. According to latest infographic by Invesp, mobile devices now account for a whopping 53% of paid search clicks. The estimated mobile ad spend is expected to grow from $18.54 billion in 2016 to $28.25 billion in 2019, a 55% increase.

Mobile search engine advertising

So why are mobile phones gaining so much prominence in the world advertising?

When it comes to search engine advertising, the goal of the marketer is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right moment. In other words, the advertiser aims to answer people’s questions whenever and wherever they are, in the most accurate and tailored way. Mobile devices make it possible for marketers to achieve this because they are always with their mobile phones. For instance, location-based marketing works best with mobile advertising. You can see where your customers are, where they are going and how to speak to them.

Mobile technology has made it possible for marketers to deliver intelligent ad messages, backed by enormous amounts of geo-location data, behavioral metrics and preferences insights. Certainly, the future of mobile search engine advertising is looking ever brighter. In this wave of digital and mobile revolution, you cannot afford to be left behind.

The opportunity to seize mobile advertising is now!

People have become very impatient. They want instant gratification. When they want information, they prefer to get it now. They don’t have time to wait till they get back home or office to turn on their desktops. They’d rather use their mobile phones and tablets and get what they want now. Therefore, marketers can expect to see increasing mobile clicks on their search engine advertising. Luckily, marketers have an immense amount of mobile data and insights at their disposal to meet these expectations.

It has now become normal for consumers to search for products and services via their hand-held devices and receive immediate recommendations based on their demographic information, locations and preferences. Mobile advertising is not something you can wish away unless you want to sign your online business death sentence. It is something that you should embrace instead.