Did you know that as of October 2014, 64% of American adults owned a smartphone… and that right now there are about 1.91 billion smartphone/mobile device (tablets) users. It’s quite amazing how quickly the population has adopted smartphones over the years, and we’ve stressed (and will continue to stress) how important email optimization is as more and more consumers get their hands on smartphones.

The folks at DirectBuy put together an awesome infographic called “Moving Toward Mobile” that shows just how dependent on smartphones consumers are becoming. The info they cite is from a bunch of research carried out by consulting firm Walker – and we’re happy to share it with you :)

According to the Walker research, 29% of survey respondents claimed that their cellphone is “something they can’t imagine living without.” Furthermore, it was found that smartphone owners are so involved in their devices that 67% of them checked for messages and push notifications without hearing a ring or even feeling a vibration. If that’s not crazy enough, 44% of smartphones owners were found to sleep with their devices! In other words, if people are so consumed in their devices and notifications, it’s critical for you emailer marketers out there to make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile.

Now on to some electric stats that might shock some of you Ecommerce professionals out there. Apart from their smartphone, Walker Consulting found that 15% of the people they surveyed have limited internet access. Moreover, “Young people (18-29) are rapidly adopting mobile as their primary internet access point. A whopping 82% (166.2 million) of smartphone users shop on their mobile device, and that number will only increase to 85% (198.8 million) by 2018.

Now, listen very clearly! Smartphone and tablet users will totally ditch your site if it’s not optimized for mobile. In fact, they are five times more likely to exit your site if it’s not optimized – which leaves a lot of lost opportunities for ecommerce sites when consumers are trying to shop on their websites. This research supports earlier findings that we’ve written about regarding how consumers prefer a cohesive experience across devices. 79% of consumers are likely to find a website that is optimized to complete tasks like shopping – and over half (52%) of survey respondents claimed that they are much less likely to do business with a company that offers a bad mobile experience. Take a look at the infographic below!