If you work in startups, you’ve likely heard the phrase Unicorn before. It’s a phrase that was coined by Aileen Lee back in 2013 to categorize startups that are valued at over $1 billion. These are the startups that we all know and some of us love.

Unicorns can be pointed to as the epitome of startup success. The companies that we find in this category consist of industry and world changing organizations such as Facebook, Snapchat, Uber and AirBnb. It’s these unicorns that we often find being written about in the media and that rise from the dust into household names.

It’s these companies that many people aspire to build.

It’s these companies that investors aspire to find.

The world is becoming more and more mobile as more people from across the globe are able to access and use mobile devices.As a result, there has been an increase in the number mobile startups striving for and reaching Unicorn status.

The people who we often talk about when describing success for these Unicorns are the founders. While it’s no question that these individuals are the key to much success – we often overlook the role that innovative and risk taking investors play in the mix.

With TV shows like Shark Tank consistently growing in popularity, more people are intrigued by the idea of entrepreneurship and raising capital from investors. As this appetite for angel investors continues to rise amongst entrepreneurs, it’s important that entrepreneurs realize that not all investors are created equally.

If you’ve ever wondered, which investors have had the ability to predict the future, then you’ll love this infographic and report. It’s a simple infographic highlighting the investors who have the most made investments (pre-$15M total) in mobile startups that eventually turned into mobile unicorns.

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