As the mobile revolution takes hold, holiday shopping will never be the same. It’s a fascinating time to observe, as shopping is undergoing one of the most profound changes, perhaps in its history.

Consider that we can now wave a phone over a book cover, see the actual book pop up in Amazon, and then purchase the item in a single tap or swipe of the finger. Total time from seeing the book on a bookshelf to purchasing it? 15 seconds.

Automatic and instantaneous shopping is one of many remarkable examples of how the busiest shopping season of the year is being transformed. Marketers across the world are experimenting in this new ecosystem to optimize quickly emerging technologies and consumer behaviors.

One thing that’s certain is each coming year will show remarkable progress and change. The race is on, and the 2013 holidays mark a seminal point where retailers and technology-makers have clearly entered the future of shopping.

As consumers gobble up all the new ways to indulge in the shopping season, let’s take a look at the state of the mobile experience these holidays: