Nowadays, it’s more common for people to have smartphones. The wide availability of these new devices has created a massive demand for mobile app development. With continuous technological advancements and the growing demand requested by clients, the mobile app industry is always evolving. However, to gain an edge in this competitive industry requires the ability to anticipate the next new wave of requirements.

For almost a decade now, mobile apps have revolutionized the way many people live. Since mobile apps have such wide popularity and are so helpful, they have created a bevy of opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Many businesses have turned to develop their mobile app, and it’s rare nowadays to hear about a corporate giant that doesn’t offer their mobile app to its customers.

According to Statista, mobile apps should create $189 billion in revenue this year. That’s a staggering number if you think about it, and it helps to demonstrate why the mobile app industry has become so popular. The mobile app industry is one of the top growing industries across the world today, and it doesn’t appear that it will be slowing down anytime soon.

Since we see so many technological advancements and innovations taking place daily, it seems likely that 2020 will be the year for mobile apps. Many entrepreneurs and corporations are interested in taking advantage of this growing trend. However, to take advantage of this ever-increasing trend means the company will need to understand the future of mobile app development trends.

How is mobile app development going to change in 2020? What are the trends? Why do we need to keep a finger on the pulse of these trends? Here’s an infographic from Dot Com Infoway the mind-blowing statistics and revealing data that are going to give you a sense of where the trends of mobile app development are heading in 2020.


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