You may be surprised to learn that the under-30 crowd still views the newspaper as a viable source of information. Over half of young adults between ages 18 and 34 read newspaper media content in print and online during a typical week. About three million U.S. millennials are mobile-only newspaper content consumers, and the median age of this group is 27. Millennials who have read a newspaper in the last seven days are 112 percent more likely to have used a mobile device for newspaper content consumption than the overall adult population. Millennials trust their newspapers more than they trust other sources of information. They are constantly connected to news content through more than traditional newspapers, including online video, blogs, social networks and RSS feeds.

About 60 percent of those aged 18-34 using their local newspaper (or their website) believe it to be trustworthy; over half of the millennials who use local print newspapers agreed that they operate in an ethical manner and have the public’s best interest in mind. A large portion react to advertisements in print newspapers. Across all platforms, 40 million millennials get news and information from newspaper media each week.

To learn more about the relationship between millennials and newspapers, check out the infographic below presented by The Newspaper Association of America.

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