Mercedes Benz have long been known for their high quality and durable cars with models today varying from the A-Class Hatchback to the Citan Minivan. The brand has been around for over a century now and continues to maintain its reputation for cutting edge engineering. Despite initially being accused of forced employment and breaches of human rights during the Second World War the company managed to thrive within the automotive industry and produced cars that were undoubtedly market leaders. Benz have been responsible for a number of industry firsts including, breaking the speed world record back in 1909, inventing diesel trucks and the diesel run passenger car which could reach top speeds of 59mph (quite impressive back in those days). The 50’s brought a new dimension to the company and customers began to see vehicles evolving that not only performed brilliantly but also had great aesthetic design, Benz was no longer simply selling based on their practicality, they could also now appeal to those who were looking for a little luxury.

It’s quite astonishing to see how the company has grown since it first brought out the original motor car back in 1886. By having a company culture of constant improvement, they have always managed to stay “ahead of the game” and this has kept them relevant throughout their history. To find out a little more about the journey Mercedes have been on up until today, have a look at the infographic below.


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